October 5th 2019

It's that time of year again! Time for Jessie to take on the 24 Hour Comic Day challenge!

This year's event will be hosted by Showcase Comic books and Collectibles in Slidell, Louisiana.

Will this be the year Jessie succeeds, or will he suffer another crushing defeat? If you would like to take part in the event, or come in as a spectator, show up October 4th at 11:59 PM. When the clock strikes midnight, the artist have 24 hours to create a 22 page comic, cover to cover! While you're there, be sure to browse  Showcase's large selection of comics, graphic novels, games, and collectibles.

If you would like to sign-up to take part in the event, or wish to know the details, please visit Showcase on facebook, or give them a call during normal business hours at (985) 214-9100.

Charisma Kills Studios will be at CONtraflow IX in November. We'll be hosting panels, exhibiting comics and art, and running test plays of our first venture into the world of table top gaming with our WYRD RPG.

CKS Digital Comics now available on Amazon for Kindle!

With very few copies of Kenshin 1281 left, and a total sell out on Parasomnia, we've made them both available as digital comics available through Amazon.

Sweet Dreams are Made of Worms theme version 2

It's a work in progress

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