Charisma Kills Studios will be at CONtraflow VIII in November. We'll be hosting panels, exhibiting comics and art, and running test plays of our first venture into the world of table top gaming with our WYRD RPG.

Written by Jessie W Craig, with art by Matthew Collum. She's not just a fairy; she's a daughter of Titania and Oberon! A princess who was murdered by enemies of the Crown and brought back using ancient secrets of the Tuatha De Danann as a mystical, cybernetic, crime fighter!

CKS Digital Comics now available on Amazon for Kindle!

With very few copies of Kenshin 1281 left, and a total sell out on Parasomnia, we've made them both available as digital comics available through Amazon.

Sweet Dreams are Made of Worms theme version 2

It's a work in progress

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